Doing it alone is optional

I am NOT currently accepting new patients. This is temporary as I work through a backlog of new patient visits due to the delay opening my practice. If you wish, you may register and place your name on a waiting list for a new patient appointment. When I reopen to new patients, I will offer spots to patients on that list in the order they registered.

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Working through emotional pain can seem like an endless journey.

I am a board certified psychiatrist in Dallas, Texas. I welcome the opportunity to help you along your journey.

You can use this site to send messages, schedule appointments, make payments and learn more about my practice. I ask my patients to self-serve most of  the administrative tasks so that we can focus exclusively on your treatment together.

The tiny menu in the upper right corner of this screen opens a world of possibilities.

If you are in crisis,

The Texas Health Behavioral Health help line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week: (682) 236-6023