Making Progress in Psychotherapy


Patients talk about anything and everything during therapy sessions. In general, it is best to simply let your mind wander and say whatever comes up. 

It is most important to not censor or change any thoughts before saying them. As much as you possibly can, be open and honest. Don’t worry about making sense or being logical – emotional problems are seldom logical or simple. 

Bring up anything that seems to be getting in the way of your being completely honest, especially if it relates to your relationship with your therapist. 

It is usually best not to discuss what you talk about in your sessions with anyone, especially those closest to you such as your spouse. This helps to insure that you will not be worrying about what others will think about what you are about to say. Also, people change, sometimes a lot, during the course of psychotherapy. Sometimes those closest to us don’t understand this process, and may misinterpret a temporary emotional state to be a permanent change. 

It is very important that you attend each and every session, and that we reschedule any sessions that must be missed. Psychotherapy only works if sessions are regular and consistent. 



2 thoughts on “Making Progress in Psychotherapy

  1. Thanks for these words. They help. It’s important to listen, but also to not let others impede the proges you need to make.

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