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Contact Information:

I’m generally not available immediately by phone but do my best to return non-urgent calls within 2 business days. It’s generally easier for me to respond via the patient portal at, or general email if you are not communicating any private or confidential information.

Phone: (469) 250-1340 (answered 24 hours)

Secure Fax: (844) 710-6013

Postal Address:

10000 N Central Expy Ste 400

Dallas, TX 75231

On the northbound Central Expressway service road between Walnut Hill and Royal Lane

email click here to open your email program, or use the handy form below. Email is not a secure means of communicating, so carefully consider what kind of information you want to include.

To schedule a follow up appointment:

I don’t do any scheduling over the phone (although you can cancel an appointment by leaving a voice message, of course.) All scheduling must be done online. I don’t have office staff, so I require patients to “self serve” administrative tasks. If you don’t have a computer or smart phone, you can visit any public library to  use one of their computers. (Seriously – if you call me and ask me to call you back to make an appointment I will not return the call.) Schedule your appointment at my appointment site, DrChrono. This is a different site than 

To schedule a new patient appointment:

Completing these steps in the correct order will speed things up:

  1. Contact me so that we can have a brief chat about your treatment needs.
  2. I’ll need your legal name, birthdate, cell phone number and email address to get your medical record started.
  3. Navigate to my payment page, and pay a non-refundable $50 administrative fee to cover the costs of setting everything up for your ongoing care.
  4. Download and complete the history form by clicking this link. You may scan it and email or fax it to me. I must have it for review prior to activating your scheduling login.
  5. When you receive an invitation to my patient portal, click on the link promptly – it expires after 72 hours. The portal is  located at and is the place to review labs, check your upcoming appointments, request refills, review your account, make payments and communicate securely with me, so I require you to sign up.
  6. Please scan and email the front and back of your insurance card if you are able to do so.
  7. Schedule your evaluation appointment at my appointment site, DrChrono. This is a different site than 
  8. After you’ve booked your appointment time, you’ll receive a confirmation from me to please log back in to, click on your appointment and complete the registration process and sign new patient consent forms before your first appointment. If this is not done at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment you will need to reschedule.

I do not prescribe medication on the first appointment. I usually require 4-5 psychotherapy evaluation sessions before making any recommendations regarding medication enhanced psychotherapy.

 A “standing appointment” is a regular, reserved time for a psychotherapy appointment that is held for the patient throughout the course of treatment. That is, the time is reserved until treatment is discontinued and the patient gives notice that the time is no longer to be reserved. The patient is billed for all standing appointments, whether or not they attend, unless the canceled appointment can be filled with another patient, or unless the appointment is rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time within the same week. Standing appointments offer the advantage of securing the same time each week and encourages the keeping of regular appointments, but do represent a greater financial commitment than scheduling each appointment individually.

Please visit for additional information about Dr. Grugle’s practice, financial policies, and insurance plans that he is contracted with.

If you are going to be using insurance, please be sure you check with your insurance company as soon as possible and ask if pre authorization is required prior to our first meeting. Most insurance companies do not require this, but a few do and failure to abide by their rules may result in lower coverage for you. I do not have adequate staff to verify your insurance benefits, so you must be sure you understand your insurance company’s policies regarding in and out of network coverage and benefit levels. Please see my web site for a current list of insurance companies with which I am contracted. Be aware that coverage varies greatly, even within plans, so you should contact your insurance provider to verify what, if any, benefits you may expect. I will file one insurance claim on your behalf per session with the companies specified on my website. If you have any secondary insurance policies, it will be your responsibility to file your own claim and collect directly from them.

I am looking forward to working with you.

2018 Holidays:

These are the dates that I plan to be out of the office in 2018:
4/20 - 4/28/2018
7/2 - 7/6/2018
9/3/2018; 9/26 - 9/28
10/5 - 10/14/2018
11/21 - 11/23/2018
12/21 - 12/31/2018

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