Standard Fees

Psychotherapy (40 – 45 minutes) $300.00
Extended Psychotherapy (55 – 60 minutes) $420.00
Half Session Psychotherapy (20 – 25 minutes) $195.00

Overdue Accounts

I don’t send paper statements because they’re a drain on time, paper and transportation resources. Statements are due upon receipt in your onpatient account. If you have an outstanding balance over 60 days old, I’ll charge a $30 late fee and send a text asking you to login and check your balance. If the balance remains unpaid we’ll have to part ways.

To make a payment on your account, choose the most convenient method:


Set up an Auto Debit

Mail a check or Credit Card Authorization

Additional Services

Non medically necessary services requested by the patient are not covered by insurance and are charged at a standard fee of $420 per hour (minimum $42). Examples of non-medically necessary services are completion of disability forms, FMLA forms, prescription pre-authorization appeals, completion of life insurance applications and duplication of medical records.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved for you and you alone. The full office visit fee will be assessed for broken appointments or appointments canceled with less than 48 hours advance notice, unless the canceled appointment can be filled with another patient’s visit. Cancellation fees are not usually covered by insurance. In case of winter weather, cancellation fees will not be charged if Dallas, Richardson or the patient’s Public Schools are closed.

Treatment Estimates

Patients may request a written estimate of their out-of-pocket expenses.  Charges may vary based on the patient’s condition. The request may delay the scheduling of your care.  The actual charges may differ from the amount paid by the third-party payer.  The patient is personally liable for the services not paid by health insurance.
Dr. Grugle will not furnish adverse information to consumer reporting agencies regarding amounts owed by the patient if the patient finalizes a payment plan agreement within 45 days of receiving the first statement. You may be able to reduce some of your out-of-pocket costs for an out-of-network medical or health care claim that is eligible for mediation by contacting the Texas Department of Insurance at and 1-800-252-3439.

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