Medication refills and pre-authorizations

One of the purposes of each office visit is to review your medications and issue prescriptions with adequate refills until your next scheduled office visit.

Please take an inventory of your medication and refills remaining before each office visit so that we can take care of them.

If you do find yourself short of medication between office visits and cannot reschedule your appointment for an earlier date, please send me a message through the patient portal letting me know you are requesting a refill so that I can look for it, then contact the pharmacy to request the refill. If you haven’t been keeping regular appointments, I charge $25 for the first  (non-controlled) medication refilled and $10 per each additional rx sent (unless the error was mine, of course.)

Controlled substances:  If you have been seen within the previous 90 days, I can provide up to two 30 day refills of ADHD medication. Otherwise, I require an office visit for all controlled substance prescriptions and I don’t authorize early refills.

Pre-authorizations: Sometimes insurance companies require a report or a phone consultation from the physician before they will pay for your prescription. You always have the option of just paying for your prescription and skipping insurance altogether – sometimes that’s even cheaper! (You can find the best price for your prescription at

I will submit the initial pre-authorization request electronically at no charge. If you ask me to appeal a negative  decision, I charge my usual standard hourly rate for these subsequent reports.