New Patient FAQs

Practice limited to psychotherapy for adults 21 and older


What are your hours?

My hours are 9:30 to 4:00 M-Th and 9:30 – 2:00 Friday.

Appointments outside of these hours may be available with an additional charge.

When are you closed for holidays?

My office is closed on all federal holidays, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Good Friday and for at least one week in Spring, Fall and around the end of the year.

How long does therapy take?

Your individual treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs, but generally the longer the duration of the problem, the longer it takes to completely work through it. Short term therapy might be 20 weekly or biweekly sessions over 6 – 12 months, longer term therapies might require 2 – 4 sessions per week for 18 months to 3 years.

Do I have to lay on a couch?

No, it is not required. Freud started using the couch, in part, because he didn’t like people looking at him! But he soon discovered that, for some patients, it loosened up the process of talking freely.

Is what I say confidential?

Absolutely! Communication between a psychiatrist and the patient is privileged, meaning no one can demand access to your records. There are exceptions, of course, but they are very rare.

If for any reason you need absolute protection and security, I can maintain your records so that no identifying information is kept in any way. Your identity will be encrypted with a pseudonym and there will be no traceable record of your visits. Most people don’t need this level of security, but certain sensitive positions and subjects may require it. Call me with a “burner phone” or email from an anonymous computer if you need to stay “black.”

Do you prescribe medication?

Yes – for most conditions medication is more effective when combined with psychotherapy, so my patients on medications are usually also in some form of regular psychotherapy. Although long tern treatment with medication is sometimes needed, we will work toward the gradual elimination of psychiatric medications and help you learn to live a full, joyful and medication free life.

What is your fee?

The fee for the initial evaluation is $350. Sessions after that range from $250 – $200.

 Can I come every week at the same time?

Yes – in fact that’s the best way to make progress in psychotherapy. A “standing appointment” is a regular, reserved time for a psychotherapy appointment that is held for the patient throughout the course of treatment. That is, the time is reserved until treatment is discontinued and the patient gives notice that the time is no longer to be reserved. The patient is billed for all standing appointments, whether or not they attend, unless the canceled appointment can be filled with another patient (which is almost always possible given enough advance notice), or unless the appointment is rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time within the same week. Standing appointments offer the advantage of securing the same time each week and encourages the keeping of regular appointments, but do represent a greater financial commitment than scheduling each appointment individually.

Will I be seeing a PA or Nurse Practitioner?

You will always only be seeing me. I am in solo private practice and I will personally handle every aspect of your care.

Do you do disability evaluations?

Do you do ADHD evaluations?

Do you do fitness for duty evaluations?
Do you do (other legal or workplace) evaluations?
Do you do (fill in the blank) evaluations?

No, I’m afraid not. My practice is limited to clinical treatment only, so I don’t produce disability or other legal reports.

How do I get started?

Navigate to the Contact and Scheduling page and follow the simple steps to get registered. I’ll want to have a brief telephone chat with you to be sure your treatment goals align with my practice.

Someone is always available to help you sort out the details – just call or email.